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Chargers Watching Weis' Irish, Crennel's Browns To Prepare For Chiefs

The San Diego Chargers are facing a problem with the Kansas City Chiefs: What game film do they watch to prepare?

The Chiefs have two new coordinators. Their offense and defense is similar to what it was in 2009 but it's not the same.

The Chargers are going back in time to scout the Chiefs. According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, they're watching tape of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis' Notre Dame teams and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel's Cleveland Browns team.

"You look at Cleveland and Notre Dame, and you look at New England when Charlie was in New England," Turner said.

More recently, Chargers coaches have watched Kansas City’s preseason games and some of their 2009 games, mostly to get more familiar with their personnel.

Weis and Todd Haley, who ran the Chiefs offense in 2009, run offenses rooted in the same philosophies so there will be similarities. The two said they broke down their offense to the basics this offseason. On the other side of the ball, a 3-4 is a 3-4 but from what I understand there are some wrinkles in Crennel's version that makes tape of the 2009 Chiefs defense less helpful.

This is an issue that, at least for the first part of the season, Chiefs opponents will face. We'll see if the Chiefs can use this to their advantage.

(H/T Arrowheadlines)