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Chiefs Coach Haley: 'We Don't Have Enough Depth Anywhere'

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Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley took the podium for his press conference on Monday talking about, among other things, the upcoming roster cuts.

In response to a question, Haley put it simply: "We don't have enough depth anywhere."

Yeah part of it's coach-speak but it's a pretty accurate statement with the Chiefs. Where are the Chiefs deep...running back? Is that about it? Maybe defensive end but there are a lot of unknowns there.

"I've said we're going to have to win games a certain way and it's not going to be pretty," Haley continued. "We're going to have to do a lot of things right and have a lot of things go right for us. One of those is staying healthy."

Indeed the Chiefs need to stay healthy in order to be competitive and overall that's what they've done.

Nearly two weeks from the start of the season, they've got just one starter (RT Ryan O'Callaghan) missing practice with an injury. It's unclear where O'Callaghan stands with that injury in regards to the regular season opener.

Last year the Chiefs weren't able to do the basics like staying healthy and in-shape and couldn't win many games. This year they've been able to do those sorts of things so it'll be interesting to see how much of a difference it really makes.

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