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Three Things We Haven't Seen From The Kansas City Chiefs In Preseason

We've seen three preseason games from the Kansas City Chiefs to this point.

The third game is generally when the starters play the most. The fourth game you'll see more guys being rested to avoid injury so we've seen the most of what we're going to see out of the Chiefs first team offense and defense.

Here are three things that we haven't seen from the Chiefs through three games:

Turn that ball over: The Chiefs are -7 in the turnover differential through three games. They got their first turnover of the preseason against the Eagles on Friday night (Kendrick Lewis interception). Surprisingly, the defense has still played OK. They only gave up three points in the first half against the Falcons in game on, 10 points against the Bucs in game two and 10 points over three quarters against the Eagles. Eventually, they'll need to turn the ball over to give the offense a better chance to score.

Consistency from the offense: The Chiefs offense has looked OK at times during the 2010 preseason but they haven't been consistent. On the one hand, they'll drive 70 yards down the field on 16 plays converting multiple third downs and putting them in scoring position. On the other hand, they'll fumble the first snap, go three and out and then throw an interception, as they did on successive on Friday against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Chiefs need to show some consistency.

Consistent sacks: The Chiefs defense has been playing better than expected this preseason but have still only recorded a sack in one of three games. On Friday night the Chiefs came out with five sacks, the first time they've had that many in nearly three years. Simply put -- they need more of that. It's becoming more and more clear, in my opinion, that the defense is going to be stronger than the offense so they need to be attacking consistently.