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Chiefs vs. Eagles Preseason: Five Players Who Helped Themselves

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The Kansas City Chiefs lost 20-17 to the Philadelphia Eagles in the third preseason game.

Though they lost, there were still some solid performances.

Here are five Chiefs who helped themselves against the Eagles on Friday night.

LB Demorrio Williams

My biggest issue with Williams last year was that he had no "playermaker stats" -- No interceptions, fumbles or sacks.

He changed that on Friday night with two big sacks against the Eagles. The Chiefs blitz was successful and Williams was part of that.

He also nearly intercepted a pass and had another pass breakup. Overall, a solid game for him.

He was rewarded with placement on the first team in the latest depth chart.

LB Andy Studebaker

Like Williams, Studebaker had two sacks on Friday night.

His style of play seems to have a way of energizing his teammates and the crowd.

It's hard to believe he would put starting LB Mike Vrabel on the bench but he has made the Chiefs get him on the field more often, particularly in nickel situations.

He's making the Chiefs decision at outside linebacker a difficult one.

WR/RB Dexter McCluster

He's again showing his versatility. He's expected to be the Chiefs slot receiver but he only caught three balls for zero yards on Friday.

That's OK. He made his impact in other ways.

He carried the ball eight times for 47 yards and an average nearing six yards per carry. He also returned three kicks over 30 yards each.

He didn't exactly need to help himself but he did on Friday night.

RB Jackie Battle

This is the second game in a row Battle has stepped up to be the Chiefs leading rusher. He had 10 carries for 49 yards for another solid performance.

Battle was rewarded with a third team placement on the latest depth chart. Todd Haley said after the game that Battle is trying to get noticed and he's done a great job of that.

He probably earned himself a spot on the roster the last two games.

WR Jeremy Horne

An undrafted free agent with no catches is a strange player to pick here but Horne had a solid game.

As an undrafted free agent, he's going to need to perform well on special teams to find a spot on the roster. He simply won't have an impact at receiver in year one.

He had a couple of key special teams tackles and downed a ball inside the 15-yard line on Friday against the Eagles.

It's the little things that count with these no-name type of players and Horne is doing the little things right.