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Chiefs Preseason: Ground Game Scouting Recap vs Eagles


Preseason Week #3

CHIEFS vs Eagles


Chiefs-icon_mediumThe Chiefs came prepared for the Eagles by having a few new formations they had not used during the preseason.  You can also bet that Weis and Haley threw in a few of those new formations just to see how their players would react.

In general, the Chiefs are well ahead of where they were last year.  A lot more formations , more advanced line-play early in the season, motion to recognize coverages.  It all adds up to the simple fact that the Chiefs will look better on offense.   Whether looking better means a lot more scoring remains to be seen.

What were the Chiefs looking at during halftime?

Lets take a look... 

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Please refer to the Bewsaf Past Posts button at the bottom of this article for any inquiries into past ground game scouting reports for the 2010 season.

The Chiefs preseason O-line grades for the Eagles came out on Sunday.  Click on the Bewsaf Past Posts button at the bottom of this post to get to the link if you cannot find it.

Chiefs Ground Game Halftime Report:

  • The way the Chiefs started they probably where happy to see that the Eagles had not taken advantage of some missed opportunities.
  • The Chiefs liked to run strong against the Eagles.
  • Most of the Chiefs running success this preseason has been when they employ a TE and a Fullback.
  • Charles gets most of the gun formation carries. 
                                        PRESEASON TOTALS
Run Plays Draw Plays Base/Zone Plays Pulling Lineman
Weak Strong Weak Strong Weak Strong Weak Strong
12 17 7
Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards Yards
0 22
2.9 avg
4.1 avg
5.0 avg
1.5 avg
2.7 avg
6.0 avg
0.0 avg
5.5 avg

Play Chart Notes:

  • This week the Chiefs did not pull their lineman as much.  That might be a result of the Eagles having an athletic defense that blitz a lot.
  • One big gain by Charles made the run plays to the weak side come up to a 3.8 average.  If not for that play...most of the success running the ball game to the strong side of the formation.
  • The Chiefs ran a lot more Gun formation during the Chiefs game which results in more draw plays attempted.
  • T. Jones was only involved in two draw plays.


Formation Frequency
Ace Double Tight:  4 plays
Gun Doubles Open:  10 plays
Run Left: 2
Run Right: 1
Run Weak: 3
Run Strong: 1
Avg Gain: 2.0
Avg Gain: 5.0
Avg Gain: 3.0
Avg. Gain: 3.0



Draw Plays: 00
Pull Guard: 00
Draw Plays: 04
Pull Guard: 00
Base/Zone: 03 Base/Zone: 00

Formation Notes:

  • The bulk of the plays in the Eagles game was run from the Guns Doubles Open formation.
  • The Chiefs introduced the running back cross during the Eagles game.  This is when both backs cross after the snap to confuse the LB.
  • As you can see, above.  The Chiefs liked to run the zone plays in the Ace Double Tight formation and Draws in the Gun Doubles Open.


Formation Frequency
Gun Doubles: 3 plays
Pro I: 2 plays
Run Weak: 0
Run Strong: 2
Run Weak: 1
Run Strong: 1
Avg Gain: 0.0
Avg Gain: 10.0
Avg Gain: 4.0
Avg. Gain: 13.0



Draw Plays: 02 Pull Guard: 00
Draw Plays: 00
Pull Guard: 00
Base/Zone: 00 Base/Zone: 02

Formation Notes:

  • Jamaal had three of the four carries in these two formations.
  • Charles only had one carry in a formation with a fullback.  In that play he scampered for 13 yards.  Charles has some skills that make him the first choice to run the ball in one back sets.  But maybe he needs to get a few more carries in formations with a fullback.


Formation Frequency
Pro I Double Tight: 3 plays
Run Weak: 0
Run Strong: 2
Run Weak: 0
Run Strong: 0
Avg Gain: 0.0
Avg Gain: 3.5
Avg Gain: 0
Avg. Gain: 0


Draw Plays: 00 Pull Guard: 00
Draw Plays: 00
Pull Guard: 00
Base/Zone: 02 Base/Zone: 00

Formation Notes:

  • This formation was only used during short yardage.
  • Battle and Jones got one carry each in the Pro I Double Tight formation.

Other Formation Notes:

  • A handful of other formations were used but the Chiefs did not run out of any of them in the Eagles game.





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