My One Day Training Camp Faux-toe Journal

Took the fam up to St. Joe Sunday night and went to camp Monday morning. This was my first trip to an NFL training camp and, because I like looking cool like that, I took my rig and got a few shots. The results after the jump, if you please.

In an effort to keep my post short, I'm only going to include five of the best shots, each similar in tone. If you have a few minutes and need to experience some truly terrible art, you can view the full set, here! If you do decide to take a look--(blessings upon you and a thousand of your descendants)--feel free to help me identify unidentified players and coaches. You rule!

To Mr. Thorman: I asked three different people if they were you and they weren't. So rude of them. Here I thought I was gonna get my pitcher takin' with a true celebrity. Alas, I'm left unwhole. I expect you to make it up to all of us somehow in a grand, public gesture of unimaginable embarrassment.


Tamba was my favorite player at the camp. Dude's always moving and you can tell he loves his job. Perspective is a funny thing.

Coach 'em up!

My guess is that Mr. Weis would hate this photo. Me? LOVE IT.

D. Bowe v. B. Flowers

Like, growl man. Growl.

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