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Chiefs Training Camp: Another Take On Tyson Jackson, Glenn Dorsey

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We passed along one take on Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson. Now, Bill Barnwell of has another look at things.

I asked Bill in our chat last week if defensive linemen take longer to develop and how they go about grading them in their 2010 Almanac.

"I think it takes them longer to develop as pass rushers, yes," he said. "The problem with charting out their development paths against the run is that assigning credit or blame to an individual player for run defense is really murky; it's more of a group process."

And then onto the Chiefs defensive linemen specifically, his take on Glenn Dorsey may surprise you.

"Certainly, neither of them were very good last year. I have more faith in Jackson -- who showed flashes last year, has 3-4 experience, and is only one year into his career, as opposed to Dorsey. It's sad, too; Dorsey was such a fantastic player in college. I really thought he'd be a great pro, and he might need to end up moving to a new team to fulfill his potential."

Todd Haley and the Chiefs coaching staff have been complimentary of Dorsey dating back to the end of the 2009 season. Haley at one point referenced Jerome Harrison's 286-yard game -- the only game Dorsey missed last year -- when talking about Dorsey's impact on the defense.

I'm going to disagree with him on this point. Dorsey has made quite a bit of improvement and I think he's got a legitimate shot to be a long-term starter with the Chiefs. You see a focus with this guy during camp and it's hard to miss. I'm going to bank on Dorsey's improvement until I'm shown otherwise.

Meanwhile, Barnwell's take on Jackson is what we see from most folks. He's got the size and the ability, it's just a matter of putting it together (and staying motivated).