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Chiefs Training Camp: Tyson Jackson Criticisms

On Sunday, we heard from Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson. He indicated that his second training camp is "night and day" compared to his first one. Todd Haley didn't talk about him specifically but put him in the category of the first-to-third year players that need to improve.

On 610 Sports Monday afternoon, former Chief Bill Maas talked about Jackson. Maas was a fifth overall pick and the highest paid defense lineman in the game when he was drafted.

"I can tell you this," Maas began. "Tyson Jackson has a tremendous amount of ability. Tyson Jackson has quick feet. Tyson Jackson has explosive hips. Tyson Jackson is big, strong, fast and athletic.

"Did you see his workouts at the Combine? The guy is an athlete."

Obviously Maas feels Jackson has the potential to be a better-than-average defensive lineman in the league. He goes on to give a reason why he may have trouble realizing his potential.

"Tyson Jackson's problem right now, where he stands right now, I know this is how the Chiefs feel about him right now -- Tyson Jackson is lazy. They have to get Tyson Jackson excited to do everything. When you have to get a defensive player excited to play defense, that can be big trouble."

Maas goes on to say that during drills and during games, Jackson is "doing just enough each time to get by."

This is quite an indictment on Jackson. Maas said he "knows" this is the way the Chiefs feel about Jackson so it doesn't appear to be speculation but I'm always curious where the leaks are coming from with reports like this.

Nevertheless, Jackson has been consistently running with the first team. I think it's a little early to give him any labels.