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Chiefs Training Camp: Thomas Jones Through Four Days

The Kansas City Chiefs have completed four days and six practices at this point. For the most part, Thomas Jones has been on the first team at running back.

On Monday morning, Jones got an earful from running backs coach Maurice Carthon and he was replaced by Kestahn Moore on the first team.

The Chiefs are sure to let you know players don't get special treatment but while other players are taking the long walk up the hill through the fans and the media back to the locker room, Jones is driven on a cart with a towel draped over his head.


We know Todd Haley loves Jones. He's frequently said he's the type of player he likes. He's a hard worker, demonstrates leadership to his peers and keeps his body in impeccable shape. Still, though, Haley and the other coaches get on his case after a mental error just like everyone else.

Driving up to St. Joe on Monday afternoon, I heard an interesting thought on this from Nick Wright of 610 Sports. Basically, we know Jones is a coach's favorite and can handle the yelling and screaming. So maybe the staff is giving him a hard time making everyone else think, 'Well, if Thomas Jones is getting yelled at then I can handle it too.' It also might make them realize that there are no sacred cows on the team, as Haley says.

My guess is that it's another move by Haley to make everyone feel as uncomfortable as possible thus making them work even harder to earn a spot on the team.