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Chiefs Training Camp: Still No Brian Waters

I was talking with someone out at Kansas City Chiefs training camp yesterday and they asked:

At what point is Brian Waters not participating a concern?

'A week or so left in camp,' I guessed. Waters has been in the "rehab zone" since the start of camp.

Waters is a pro so he knows the offense. We know that. The offensive line could potentially see just one change at right guard so it's not as if continuity would be a major problem.

Waters has some sort of ankle injury and neither he nor the Chiefs is saying anything about it.

Waters had a training camp injury that kept him out some last year and that injury carried into the regular season and bothered him all year. His injury could be related to that.

Todd Haley said Waters came into camp in excellent shape and he did pass the conditioning test, which means last Thursday he was able to run. That makes me think this injury isn't anything serious.

So when does Waters need to start practicing before it becomes a concern?