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Kansas City Chiefs Still Unsettled Late In Preseason

We're three games into the preseason and we're still having a hard time figuring out the Chiefs identity. And something tells me this isn't part of some master plan to cover up the insider's view of the Chiefs until the regular season.

After what most experts and NFL writers described as a stellar offseason by the Chiefs, it seemed that the offensive side of the ball was going to be the most promising. The two-headed combination of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles instantly became one of the most talented backfields in football. The drafting of Dexter McCluster gave the Chiefs a versatile open-field weapon that opposing defensive coordinators would have to specifically plan for. A full year of Chris Chambers could only help Matt Cassel develop his favorite targets and there's always the hope for Dwayne Bowe to clear his head and take on the mantle of No. 1 receiver.

Not only this, but it was the added offensive mind of Charlie Weis to go with the comfort and experience for Todd Haley that comes from not being a rookie coach. In his second year, the offensive mind behind the Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl run was expected to feel more at home and, consequently, execute better in this upcoming season.

Yet here we are praising the defense after the latest Chiefs-Eagles contest and crying foul over the lackluster offense. It's the turnovers and the inability to do anything on third downs, and it's the defense that kept it close. Note that it's the exact opposite of not only what is expected from of earlier preseason contests where the defense remained suspect. It's hard to tell what is promising and what still needs work. And I'm not sure this is what Haley & Co. wanted at this stage.

The buzz of the offseason gets loud for each and every team as every single draft pick and free agent signed becomes the answer to the problems of the previous year. At this stage, it seems like the Chiefs are still sorting a lot more things out than they would like to be.