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Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Is 'Fine' After Injury In Philadelphia Eagles Game

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With about a minute left in the first half of the Kansas City Chiefs 20-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, Matt Cassel found Jamaal Charles for a short pass on the right side of the field.

Charles took the reception 20 yards to the Eagles 49-yard line where he was pushed out of bounds by Eagles safety Nate Allen.

After the play, you could tell something was wrong with Charles as he came off the field and trainers looked at him. He appeared to be holding his arm.

What was worrisome is that Charles had offseason shoulder surgery. It kept him out of the Chiefs OTAs and Todd Haley said last week that it's something the Chiefs are taking into consideration, even though Charles is healthy at this point.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports now that Charles "just landed awkwardly on his funny bone last night. He's fine."

I didn't think it was anything serious though you never know since the Chiefs are tight-lipped about player injuries.

We'll see if it's anything that will limit him in practice this week. The last thing the Chiefs need is for Charles to enter the season banged up (although he played well on a shoulder injury last year).