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Kansas City Chiefs Defense Puts Up Best Sack Performance In Three Years

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The Kansas City Chiefs defense was on fire at times during their 20-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the third preseason game on Friday night.

On the Eagles second play from scrimmage, RB LeSean McCoy scooted up the middle of the field for an 18-yard touchdown run.

After that, the Chiefs defense was tough. The Eagles didn't score another touchdown until 23 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

QB Kevin Kolb had a miserable night throwing the ball. He was just 2-of-7 after the first quarter and 4-of-13 after the first half. Their offense has struggled during the preseason but this was a very solid performance by the Chiefs defense.

The most encouraging stat: Five sacks.


For the Chiefs, that may as well have been a million. As Josh Looney of pointed out this morning, the Chiefs defense hasn't had five or more sacks since Sept. 23, 2007 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Think about this: That's half of ALL their sacks in 2008. It's nearly a quarter of all their 2009 sacks.

OLB Andy Studebaker had a pair of sacks as did LB Demorrio Wiliams. Defensive end Dion Gales added one in the fourth quarter.

"Yeah, I don’t know what they were thinking but we had some success, no doubt about it," Studebaker said after the game.

The Chiefs were blitzing a decent amount and having a lot of success. I imagine the Eagles didn't exactly game plan much (if at all) for the Chiefs so part of that was likely a lack of preparation on their part.

As Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star pointed out in his story this morning, the Chiefs need big plays from guys who aren't necessarily expected to offer big plays. It's possible in week one against the San Diego Chargers that neither Williams nor Studebaker is a starter and they were easily the defensive stars of the night.