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Halftime: Eagles Leading Chiefs 10-7

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The Kansas City Chiefs are down 10-7 to the Philadelphia Eagles at halftime.

Things started off horribly against for the Chiefs when they fumbled on two of their first three plays (one lost) and later Matt Cassel threw an interception.

However, they did begin to rebound and turn in a decent performance.

For the half, here are some stats:

  • QB Matt Cassel: 9-of-13 for 53 yards, TD, INT
  • RB Jamaal Charles: Six carries for 40 yards
  • RB Thomas Jones: Six carries for 12 yards
  • WR Dwayne Bowe: Four receptions for 32 yards, TD

Charles has looked solid all around but of course there's that fumble on the first play.

Meanwhile, McCluster is seeing work all over the place with three carries and two receptions. He had a 26-yard reception late in the first half only to see it called back because of a hold.

There is plenty of bad but there's a few good, too. Give me your BEST and WORST the first half so far. Here's mine:

Best: Defense holding their own despite the offense putting them in a bad position to start.

Worst: The first two drives were completely worthless.