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Chiefs vs. Eagles Preseason: Offensive Preview

On the offensive side of the ball, the Kansas City Chiefs still have some work to do. The statistical increase from preseason week one to week two indicates that the offense has indeed made progress but the offensive touchdown numbers clearly indicate they're not where they want to be yet.

As always, the most important factor for the Chiefs offense will be the Matt Cassel. Like last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14-of-19), he needs to complete a high percentage of his passes. This is the first step in becoming an offense that can score. The Eagles defense will offer up an excellent test for Cassel and the offense considering their first team has allowed just one score through two preseason games. They're one of the better blitzing defenses in the NFL so that should provide Cassel with some early looks at a tough defense (even if it is preseason and there won't be much blitzing).

At running back we're once again hitting the Thomas Jones vs. Jamaal Charles talk. I've already explained that I think that story line is a little over-hyped but still important I suppose. Last week, Jones had eight carries and Charles had five. Jones only had two in the first week so he was probably getting a little extra work there. Also, Charles is coming off of shoulder surgery so I think during these preseason games he's being cautious.

The receivers need to work well with Cassel against the Eagles. When they blitz, part of the responsibility will be on the receivers to recognize that and get open faster. Ideally, Dexter Mccluster helps with this since he's the quickest player on the team. I wouldn't worry much about Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers at this point. They both showed last week they're capable of handling the load but we do need to see some consistency out of Bowe.

At tight end, we're finally waiting for the debut of Tony Moeaki. That hasn't quite come yet so we've been seeing Leonard Pope as the primary pass catcher at tight end. He's a solid option for less than ten yards and Moeaki can, in theory, be a deeper threat so getting him involved is key.

Along the offensive line, there are a few questions marks that remain. There's the Rudy Niswanger vs. Casey Wiegmann battle as well as the question mark surrounding Ryan O'Callaghan and his injury last week. If O'Callaghan doesn't play, look for the rotation to start with Barry Richardson. That's not exactly screaming confidence in Colin Brown, who has lined up on second team right tackle at times during training camp.

Bottomline with the Chiefs offense, they need to score points. That may be the most "No s--t Sherlock" statement of the year but it's the simple things the Chiefs have struggled with lately. It's not all about making first downs and moving the ball as their progress. It needs to be getting points on the board.