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Not Many Position Battles Remain On The Kansas City Chiefs Offense

I just got done going through all the Kansas City Chiefs offensive starters. I was trying to figure out which positions are still up for grabs and which ones are not.

I realized we know nearly all of the Chiefs offensive starters.

Offensive line: Center is the only position that that doesn't have a definitive starter yet. All the other positions are locked and with the exception of Ryan Lilja, are the same as last year.

Receiver: There's no question this will be Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers.

Tight end: It's not quite a lock but Leonard Pope should open the season as the starter.

Fullback: Mike Cox or Tim Castille. We're not really sure who's ahead of who there.

Running back: Thomas Jones or Jamaal Charles or splitting carries.

Quarterback: Matt Cassel without question is the starter.

On Friday, we'll have the chance to really evaluate the positions that are still up for grabs: Center and fullback. The other positions aren't much of a battle. The Eagles always have interesting defensive schemes so it'll be a good test for both position battles.