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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Is Trying To Get Mad

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Alex Marvez of has an excellent story on Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel and how he's changed over the last year.

One section talked about something Cassel didn't do well last year: Get mad.

When things would go wrong during practice, like a receiver would drop a ball, Cassel wouldn't get mad. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told Marvez this week, "Multiple times, I go to Matt, ‘You’ve got to be mad. You’ve got to be upset.’ (He would answer), ‘I am upset.’ Well, you’ve got to show it."

Rich Gannon also went to a few Chiefs practices last year calling games for CBS. "(Gannon) comes to me and says, ‘So-and-so dropped the ball. Why isn’t (Cassel) after him?’" Haley recounted. "I said, ‘Rich, you need to sit and talk to Matt, quarterback to quarterback.’"

Apparently, that meeting did occur when Cassel approached Gannon after a CBS production meeting.

"I told Matt, ‘Guys are eventually going to tune Todd out. You’ve got to be the guy. If something isn’t exactly the way you want it, you’d better say something, because eventually they’ll get rid of you.’"

Cassel says he's tried to "take on a more serious demeanor and cut out the joking" this year. We'll see if that turns into more wins.

The full story from Alex Marvez is worth a read.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan)