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The Kansas City Chiefs Will Be Home For A While

Every year the Kansas City Chiefs schedule comes out around April and it causes a lot of excitement around here. Of course, on the day of the last regular season game, we know the Chiefs opponents already -- April is just when the order comes out.

The Chiefs will be home for the next three weeks, thanks to that schedule, and they'll travel just once between now and the first week of October.

On Friday, they'll play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Chiefs debut at the New Arrowhead.

The next week they play on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers, which means they have a full ten days between the last preseason game and the first regular season game. That's definitely an advantage that the Chiefs are probably pretty happy about.

And then on Sept. 13, the Chiefs will play the Chargers at home.

The next time they'll travel will probably be Friday, Sept. 17 or Saturday, Sept. 18.

As for the rest of the season, the Chiefs are away in week two, home in week three and a bye in week four.

That means the Chiefs will travel once between now and Friday, Oct. 8 before they head to Indianapolis.