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Kansas City Chiefs Open The Hall Of Honor To The Public


I attended the Kansas City Chiefs unveiling of the Hall of Honor on Wednesday evening. It was a great event with all kinds of former Chiefs including Bobby Bell and Priest Holmes, to name a few.

The Chiefs did it up right for the Hall of Honor. Chiefs owner Clark Hunt said they visited a few team hall of fames including Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Mitch Holthus said while making some of this happen he nearly teared up because it brought back so many memories.

If you're an "older" Chiefs fan, then this is the place for you. There is so much history there it's unbelievable. It's open to the fans so if you're coming out on Friday night for the Philadelphia Eagles game you can see it.

I snapped all kinds of photos of the event (more pictures are coming) but here's a sampling of the items they have in the Hall of Honor:

  • Marcus Allen's jersey and helmet from the game he scored his 100th touchdown
  • Busts of the Chiefs Hall of Famers
  • Johnny Robinson's cleats coated in bronze (or gold...or something like that)
  • Super Bowl IV trophy
  • Old AFL jerseys and helmets of the eight original teams
  • Super Bowl IV ring of "Talent scout Lloyd Wells" -- the first full-time African American pro football scout
  • Original seat in the old Municipal stadium with the inscription "To: Lamar Hunt -- From: Arrowhead Staff"

I'll have more pictures of the event coming but it was an excellent evening.