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Forbes: Kansas City Chiefs Drop In Value, Scott Pioli Third Best GM

Every year Forbes comes out with their ranking of NFL team valuations. It's usually the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins at the top and the Kansas City Chiefs somewhere in the middle.

This year the Chiefs, according to Forbes, are worth $965 million which puts them at 20th in the NFL.

That's a drop of 6% in value, according to their 2009 valuations. Only five teams had a higher percentage drop. The Cowboys gained 9% in value while the Jacksonville Jaguars dropped 16% in value.

What I find interesting is when you sort by operating income. The first three make sense: Cowboys, Redskins and New England Patriots. The next three on that list doesn't make sense to me considering they're not selling out all of their games: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals and the Chiefs.

Of course the caveat with all of these numbers is that Forbes doesn't have access to the detailed financials of each team. If they did have access to those numbers the NFLPA would probably be calling them up since that's the biggest chip in the upcoming CBA negotiations.

Forbes also ranked the NFL's GMs and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli came in third behind Bill Polian (Indianapolis Colts) and Jerry Reese (New York Giants). It's an impressive ranking, particularly with a GM whose team just came off of a four-win season. But Forbes takes into account previous years so the Patriots (and their 16-0 2007 season) bump that ranking up a little.