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Getting To Know Kansas City Chiefs 2010 Draft Pick Jon Asamoah

The Kansas City Chiefs spent a third round pick on interior lineman Jon Asamoah. Learning more about him, he had all the characteristics that have defined the Chiefs 2010 draft: Versatile, high-character and smart.

810 WHB's The Program caught up with Ron Zook, Asamoah's college coach at the University of Illinois, and asked him why he thought Asamoah would play in the league for a "long, long time."

"Intelligence, athleticism, work ethic," Zook said. "He's one of those guys that just goes to work. He's a quiet leader. He's not one of those guys that talks a lot but he just goes to work and does the best he can possibly do. He's a winner. Very intelligent. He's won national awards for his athleticism but also his intelligence and what he's done in the classroom as well."

Zook says he's very athletic (former basketball player) and he's one of those guys that, once you get on campus, you don't have to worry about anymore. "He's never done anything to embarrass himself, his family, the University of Illinois, or the Kansas City Chiefs."

If he follows his career path at Illinois, he has a shot to be a long-time starter in Kansas City.

"A young player that came in undersized but just grew and worked and became a magnificent player. He's a guy that, if he can stay healthy, will play a long, long time in the NFL."

It'll be interesting to see when he's worked into the lineup. He isn't a guy we've talked about often because the Chiefs guard positions in 2010 are held down by Brian Waters and Ryan Lilja. Barring injury, they're not going anywhere. It's possible, too, that they could both be there next year as well so that's why I'm curious when or where the Chiefs will fit in Asamoah.

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