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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Says Roster Cut Week Will Be Tougher This Year

On Aug. 31, the Kansas City Chiefs will enter NFL roster cuts week and have to be down to 75 players, which means cutting five from the 80 they have now. Five days later, on Sept. 4, they'll have to be down to 53 players. After that they can start to form their practice squad (eight players).

Scott Pioli is coming up on his second NFL roster cut week as Chiefs GM. Last year he came onto the scene in January, made a bunch of roster moves, and went through his first cutdown week after seeing most of these guys for just one offseason.

He's now been on the job for 20 months preparing for round two. Pioli talked with 810 WHB's the Border Patrol on Wednesday morning about roster cut week.

"It's going to be tougher this year because we have more better players," Pioli said.

(Pioli then said, "How's that for good English?" and corrected himself.)

"No, we have more players that are better," he continued. "It increases competition and forces us to have to make tougher decisions. One of our goals here is that every year we want it to become more difficult as to who's on the final 53 and who are the eight on the practice squad.

"We want those decisions to be tougher. If that happens, it means we have more players that are good and the competition is even greater."

We'll be covering the roster moves next week and if it's anything like last year there are bound to be some surprises.