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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Talks Training Camp, Depth Chart

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli appeared on 810 WHB's the Border Patrol and touched on a number of topics.

  • He was glad that training camp in St. Joe turned out well and it was nice for fans to get an up close look at the team. Tonight's practice is an opportunity for fans that may not normally get to see all the parts of the stadium.
  • He says not to get so worked up on who is No. 1 and No. 2 and who starts at running back. They'll both be contributors to the offense regardless of who starts. It may switch from week to week based on a specific player's strengths.
  • He says Tyson Jackson has been improving and it's hard for fans and media to judge him because we don't know exactly what he's being asked to do and how he's being asked to play the scheme.
  • He thinks Wallace Gilberry will be a good player for the team but, like the running back, you don't need to get caught up in who is starting and who isn't. He compared him to Chiefs defensive line coach Anthony Pleasant because he played at 280 pounds. He calls Gilberry undersized at one point.
  • He's happy with Matt Cassel's progress and mentions his accuracy. He thinks everyone on the field is communicating well whether that's Cassel communicating better or others listening.

Once I get my hands on the audio I'll go a little more in-depth.