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Carl Peterson Remembers The Kansas City Chiefs On Hard Knocks

I'm not sure if how many of you have been watching HBO's Hard Knocks with the New York Jets this week, but it makes me think of the Kansas City Chiefs season on Hard Knocks. Comparing the two shows, I'd have to say the Jets are more entertaining.

Carl Peterson, the GM of the Chiefs at the time, looked back on Hard Knocks with the Chiefs on 105.7 the Fan in Baltimore.

"Having experienced it personally, I was very reluctant to do it. Steve took about four years to talk me into it. I do think it has some real pluses. Frankly, our entire organization enjoyed doing it."

The star of the Jets on Hard Knocks has easily been Rex Ryan. He has quite the personality to say the least. Herm, the Chiefs coach at the time, and Rex Ryan are clearly opposites in a lot of ways.

"Of course, Herman is just the opposite of Rex Ryan. He's from the Tony Dungy school so he's not going to use any profanity, and he frowns on it. There's a lot of ways to get your message across and I guess feels he has to be Rex."

Dungy expressed some concern with Ryan's language on the show but the two apparently talked it out recently. Peterson says he could probably do without the profanity. Of course, most of Peterson's success came with Marty Schottenheimer, who wasn't exactly Tony Dungy (Brian Shottenheimer, Marty's son, even tells a story on Hard Knocks about his dad's language.).

I've never thought of this comparison below but in light of Hard Knocks it's probably worth bringing up:

"We had a coach with us that was fairly profane also in Gunther Cunningham. I think Rex makes Gunther look like a saint."

I'd be curious what some of their players think about that.

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