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Kansas City Chiefs Game Will Be On TV

Well, that was quick.

We passed along a story a few minutes ago wondering whether the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday night would be televised.

The Chiefs have now told Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star that the game will be televised. The Chiefs had until 7:00 p.m. this evening to sell out

It does seem a bit strange, though, that you can get six tickets together on the lower level and yet the game is considered sellout by the league's standards.

Last week the Bucs bought unsold tickets (apparently at a discounted price) in order to ensure the games would be televised. I wonder if the Chiefs could or would do the same thing.

Convincing fans to buy preseason tickets for a team that hasn't won in recent years has to be pretty difficult.

Nevertheless, the Chiefs will play on KCTV 5 on Friday night.