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Kansas City Chiefs 'Rehab Zone' Gets A Shakeup On Monday

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The Kansas City Chiefs had a handful of inactives on Saturday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers including G Darryl Harris, S Jon McGraw, RB Kestahn Moore and QB Brodie Croyle.

On Monday, McGraw, Moore and Croyle made their way back onto the practice field.

That doesn't change much with McGraw and Moore but it might with Croyle. The Chiefs, in Croyle's absence, signed a quarterback.

So what will the Chiefs do with QB Bill Stull now that Croyle's signed? That's a question that will probably be answered this week.

On Monday, there were a couple of additions to the rehab zone and those not participating in practice.

First, there's Harris, who has been injured for several weeks. Second, there's DB Maurice Leggett, who was carted off the field on Saturday night with a neck injury but is expected to make a full recovery. Third, there's DB Mike Richardson. I can't recall an injury to Richardson on Saturday night. It's possible he was just banged up.

In case you're curious, these are good injury numbers for the Chiefs. They don't have many guys injured and it's not really causing any serious issues as far as depth is concerned.