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Kansas City Chiefs Roster Cut Downs Coming Next Week

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On Tuesday, Aug. 31 the Kansas City Chiefs and the rest of the NFL will be required to trim their rosters from 80 to 75 players. Five days after that and they'll be getting it down to 53 players.

That's over a third of the (current) team that will be released in less than two weeks.

In that time, the Chiefs will have practice at their own facility as well as two more preseason games. Certainly a lot can change.

Many of the roster cuts are taking shape not necessarily by the guys losing spots but by the guys securing them.  If last year is any indication, there are a few types of players we'll see get cut

  • The surprise cut (Bernard Pollard)
  • The veteran cut (Alphonso Boone, Zach Thomas)
  • The UDFA cuts (Lots of 'em)

Then there will be the practice squad cuts. The guys that the Chiefs have to release (and then pass through waivers) so that they can be signed to the practice squad. A week from today, there will be quite a few worried Kansas City Chiefs as cut downs get closer.

Use the Chiefs roster to predict the five unlucky ones when they go from 80 to 75 players. I can think of five first and second year players who probably won't make it.