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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: Five Players Who Hurt Themselves

It's hard at times to pick five individuals that didn't help themselves in a particular game. That's because the problem areas are usually groups like no pass rush, or all the defensive linemen giving up the run. I could give a few reasons to list the entire defense on this list, or at times the entire offense.

But I try to nail it down to five players that, in some way or another, hurt themselves.

Here are five Kansas City Chiefs that aren't looking as good after the second preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

RB Kestahn Moore

If you'll remember, I said early on in training camp that Kestahn Moore was looking like a good player. He was vying for the third running back spot and, because I hadn't seen much of him, I was surprised when he was showing some good stuff at the start of training camp. He had one memorable play last week with a 19-yard reception bringing the Chiefs inside the five yard line but, other than that, he didn't do much.

Then he was injured all of last week, which meant he couldn't play on Saturday against the Bucs. For a guy going for the third running back spot and looking at special teams duty as well, it's a tough time to miss a game. Unfortunately, those are snaps you just can't back.

He can't be blamed for getting injured but the Chiefs in about a week will have to decide which running backs to keep after Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. Moore still has a shot but he'll have less film than the other guys, which could potentially hurt him.

TE Tony Moeaki

Where are you, Tony?

If memory serves me right, he was on the field to start the game for a split second and then wasn't seen from the rest of the night.

That's two preseason games now Moeaki hasn't caught a pass or seen any serious action.

Moeaki is considered to at least be a contributor on the offense this season. We're not sure what's up with him.

RB Thomas Jones

In some ways, he should have been on the list of guys that helped themselves. He had eight carries for 29 yards, which isn't a great average but that included pounding out a couple of first downs.

The problem is the fumble.

Last year, Todd Haley was on Charles hard because he had a tendency to fumble the ball. Haley has consistently talked about the importance of not fumbling. It seems to be one of his biggest pet peeves.

Jones won't receive the same treatment as Charles (because he averages two fumbles a year) but these guys are in a position battle. And through two games, Charles has outplayed Jones.

Is he going to make the team? Of course, but that first drive fumble hurt, particularly because the Chiefs theme of the week was to start fast.

WR/KR Quinten Lawrence

He's kind of a random addition to this list.

It's becoming clear that Lawrence's best chance for a roster spot will involve special teams. He's been returning kicks after Javier Arenas lately and has looked very average.

Arenas had one kick off return for 54 yards on Saturday night. Lawrence needed four kick returns to match that yardage (and a fumble he recovered).

Yeah, it's unfair to compare him to Arenas now but he hasn't been a factor at receiver either. I think Jeremy Horne gets a spot over him if it comes down to just receiver.

I know this is a bottom of the roster situation but absent some kind of contribution at receiver and/or kick returner, I'm not sure where Lawrence fits on the roster.

CB Brandon Flowers

Ouch. That whiff and then touchdown catch hurts.

Actually, we're not worried about Flowers by any stretch of the imagination. Big plays like that happen to corners when you put them in man-to-man coverage (and that's a sign that you trust them). It doesn't happen that often with Flowers which is why it's surprising when it does happen.

One bad play made a big difference but there's nothing to see here.