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Chiefs WR Dexter McCluster Called 'Most Dangerous Offensive Rookie In The League'

The big guessing game around Kansas City these days is how the Kansas City Chiefs will use Dexter McCluster.

Will he be primarily a slot receiver? How often will he run the ball? Is he going to return kicks?

I didn't even mention the wildcat but you get the picture -- there are a ton of different ways the Chiefs can get McCluster the ball and we're not sure which how they're going to be doing it.

It's this kind of versatility and explosiveness that is making others around the league take notice. Remember I said I found it curious that the Chiefs didn't feature him at all during an intra-squad scrimmage. My guess was that they wanted to tone down the McCluster hype because it was getting almost to the point where it was out of control.

Well, the hype made it all the way to one of the most widely-read NFL columns -- Here's Peter King in MMQB:

"Dexter McCluster will be the most dangerous offensive rookie in the league," King writes. "I see him as a 1,500-yards-from-scrimmage guy, with a bunch of touchdowns. I'm no fantasy student, but don't pass him by."

And then again he says, "Dexter McCluster could have the kind of impact on the Chiefs that Devin Hester had on the Bears four years ago. Not necessarily in the return game, but in pure explosive play-making ability."

It almost sounds like hyperbole but I went back and looked at the first round of the draft and he may be right. Who will be more dangerous: C.J. Spiller? Dez Bryant? Jahvid Best?

As far as the Hester comparisons, I agree with him regarding explosive ability but Hester has rarely been able to show that on offense. McCluster's biggest impact will be on offense and not special teams.

Sounds like McCluster isn't much of a secret anymore.