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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 8/22

Good morning, AP. Another loss last night, but the O showed some signs of life. I don't see any updates on Leggett at the time I post this. Today's Kansas City Chiefs news includes a couple of game recaps, another look back at camp in St. Joe, and a case study in "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Enjoy!

The Chiefs’ defense wasn’t supposed to be an intimidating force, but reality isn’t easy to digest. The team’s draft class was, again, made with an emphasis on defense; taking defenders with two of its top three picks. The Chiefs’ top two picks last year were ends Tyson Jackson and Alex Magee — neither of whom causes sleepless nights for opposing quarterbacks — and the year before that, lineman Glenn Dorsey was the team’s top selection.

Add that Haley hired defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, and really, the Chiefs should have a formidable unit that at least appears to be improving. But the inside linebackers are continually in flux, the line rarely overachieves, and that leaves a young and talented secondary that doesn’t have much support when it has a long night.

"I feel like this whole defense can make plays," Flowers said. "They put it on (the secondary) to be the playmakers, the leaders of the defense. We’ll take that job with open arms. We’ve got nothing but playmakers back there in the secondary. I see why they put that title on us.

"We’ll come back and play every week, I guarantee you. We’ll be right. The secondary will be right."

Chiefs offense shows life while their defense still struggles from KC Star

The early reviews of the just-completed Kansas City Chiefs training camp would seem to glow like a brand-new, shiny, red helmet.

Dr. Patrick McMurry of Missouri Western State University is already sifting through data in a bid to comprehend the camp's economic effects after its first summer in St. Joseph.

"I have a spreadsheet right in front of me," he said Thursday morning. "I've got every hotel on board."

Dr. McMurry, an economics professor, is charged with compiling a study to help assess day trips and overnight stays. His review has already gleaned that visitors arrived from 27 states and three nations: the United Kingdom, Canada and France.

They came, they saw, they conquered from News-Press Now

KC Star Photo Gallery: Buccaneers 20, Chiefs 15 Video: Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Highlights


Haley said a member of the Chiefs’ training staff would remain with Leggett on Saturday night and that they would return to Kansas City after Leggett is discharged. Haley didn’t specify the severity of the injury or how long Leggett might be out.

"They’re going to make sure of everything, but at least from that standpoint, it sounded encouraging," Haley said. "When you hear extremities moving and all those things (are) good, that’s positive.

Leggett's Injury is Unsettling from KC Star


What we learned

There’s life in what last week was a lethargic starting offense. The Chiefs were no irresistible force but made progress from what they showed in Atlanta. They converted half of their third-down chances, including the 6-yard Matt Cassel-to-Jeremy Horne touchdown pass. The night would have been much better had they scored a touchdown at the end of the first half rather than settle for a field goal.

Chiefs Preseason Blitz | Analyzing the Chiefs' 20-15 loss to Tampa Bay from KC Star


Freeman knows they’re watching. People have been watching ever since he can remember, before Kansas State, before Grandview High.

Tonight, they’re watching how he reacts. Freeman is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ starting quarterback and a few hours into digesting the first real setback of his professional career. His thumb banged on Tamba Hali’s helmet on the Bucs’ first drive of a preseason game Saturday, and that’s a wrap.

He freaked out a little bit when they told him about the fracture. But then he took a deep breath and remembered that people are watching. They’re always watching. Josh is 22 years old with a $36 million contract that paid for a Range Rover and a house near the beach. That’s a lot to live up to.

Disappointment has no place in Josh Freeman's plan from KC Star


"When he first came in, it was a shock to most of us," Cassel said. "But at the same time, he wouldn’t be in there if he wasn’t ready to go and the coaches didn’t feel like he was ready to go. He went in there, he did a great job and he made a play when we needed it."

Horne began to work his way out of the rookie free agent mold with some big catches at training camp. Then, in last week’s game in Atlanta, Horne twice ran past defenders to get open deep but the quarterback couldn’t get him the ball either time.

The Chiefs were intrigued enough with Horne and his speed to give him more plays against Tampa Bay. Taking snaps that otherwise would have gone to a veteran like Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers or Jerheme Urban, Horne entered the game with the Chiefs inside the Tampa Bay 25.

Horne Makes Most of His Chance from KC Star

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs dropped to 0-2 this preseason following their 20-15 loss to Tampa Bay Saturday night, there were still some encouraging things Chiefs' fans can take from this game.

The Chiefs have a lot of young talent on their roster this season, but the big question in Kansas City is how fast can that talent turn into wins? The Chiefs showed once again that they still have a long way to go, but here are 10 reasons why Chiefs fans should not lose all hope quite yet.

Kansas City Chiefs' Preseason: 10 Reasons Fans Should Be Encouraged from Bleacher Report

Question: Have you ever picked up something you saw in the garbage and kept it for yourself?

Answer: Once, a long time ago. I picked up a picture of Christian Okoye, a big Nigerian nightmare who was a running back with the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm a big Chiefs fan, because I like underdogs. I don't know where that picture is now. I have no idea if it was worth anything, but it had a signature on it, so it probably was.

Nevadan at Work: Safe to Say Garbage Truck Driver is Best in Business from The Las Vegas Review-Journal


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