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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: GM Scott Pioli Sees Encouraging Signs

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli appeared on the Chiefs Television Network during the 20-15 loss to the Bucs. At the end of the third quarter and into the fourth, he talked with Mike Kelly and Trent Green during the broadcast.

"We started quickly until we fumbled the ball, obviously," Pioli said of the first team offense. "We got our feet under us quickly and we had to sustain a couple of good drives. There were a lot of encouraging signs on both sides of the ball at the beginning of the game."

The offense looked much better, which Pioli recognized, and he also said there was a different feeling with the team this week.

"The energy level has been different the last couple days, actually. At practice, in the facility, even in the meeting rooms and the locker rooms. Tonight before the game, we sensed something a little different, a sense of urgency. And that's what we talk about in professionalism. Having a sense of urgency without being silly, and that was present today."

I agree they were better offensively but they still only scored one touchdown. Results matter and while there was some good stuff out there we haven't seen the tangible results -- points and wins.

Here are a few other topics Pioli covered:

  • Called Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher encouraging at times on Saturday night.
  • He says the Chiefs did not have much team speed last year so that's changed and it's shown on special teams.
  • There are a lot of position battles going on but many of these players will make the team based on their special teams play.
  • Impressed with the Chiefs offensive drive led by Cassel at the end of the first half (drive started on the 13).
  • The job of the offensive line stood out to him and it looks like they're working together well.
  • Matt Cassel did some good things throughout the night and made good decisions "from an awareness standpoint."
  • He calls Tyler Palko a tough, high energy guy for the Chiefs. It's always nice to have a guy like Tyler Palko he says.
  • Pioli says they did a very good job running screens relative to 2009.