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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: So Far So Good For Javier Arenas

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Javier Arenas was an accomplished return man coming from Alabama and he's proven his ability in the first two weeks of preseason for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Arenas had an impressive performance in week one against the Atlanta Falcons and used that momentum in week two.

Tampa scored the first points of the game on a field goal in the first quarter and kicked off to Arenas.

He caught it one yard deep and took it back 54 yards down the left side of the field to the Bucs 47. It wasn't just great protection either as Arenas broke a key tackle allowing him to scamper up the field another 15+ yards before being pulled down from behind.

That set up the Chiefs lone touchdown drive of the game.

Last week against the Falcons, Arenas had a 42-yard kickoff return as well as a 100-yard return that was called back with a penalty.

Early signs are good with Javier Arenas. I think a team like the Chiefs needs a few special teams plays this year to stay in some games.