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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: Javier Arenas Is Headed Home

Last week we talked about Kansas City Chiefs rookie playing in front of his hometown crowd against the Atlanta Falcons. Berry grew up just outside of Atlanta.

This week against the Tampa Bay Bucs, we've got another Chiefs rookie headed home. Javier Arenas is a native of Port Tampa and the Tampa Tribune has a nice story on him.

"This is big for all of us," Robinson [High School] offensive coordinator Rob Burns said. "We're not one of those places that has 10 transfers coming from out of the area. We're south of Gandy, one of the smallest public schools in the area, and we kind of have each other.

"We have a tight-knit community and a tight-knit school. To see Javy making it like this, our kids are so excited. Most of them have never seen a professional football player up close. Now it's a guy they know. And it's no fluke."

Berry supposedly had a ton of family and friends at the Falcons game -- judging by the crowd at the Georgia Dome they might have been the only ones there -- but there's no word on how many tickets Arenas is snagging for the game.

Check out the full story at the Tampa Tribune.