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Jason Whitlock Gets Big Contract At FOX

I started this blogging thing a couple years ago and made very little money for a long time. After hearing what Jason Whitlock is getting paid at FOX, I think I'll continue in the world of sports writing.

I've learned that Whitlock's deal with FOX will pay him $2.1 million over three years.

That $700,000 per year average is a big jump from his rumored salary of $150,000-$200,000 at the Kansas City Star.

In the world of sports writers, Whitlock is a big free agent signing and FOX was smart to lock him up. Other media outlets inquired about his availability this week but his deal with FOX was already far along.

Whitlock will be filing columns for more often and will likely expand, in some fashion, to FOX's focus on online video content. There's also a possibility for radio.

Whitlock is rumored to have already picked out a place to live in Los Angeles though it's unclear if that move will be permanent.

Kansas City, for better or worse, won't be the same without Whitlock.

What's next for Whitlock? For starters, 'The Explanation' at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon on 610 Sports.

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