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Detroit Hasn't Forgotten About Chiefs Safety Jarrad Page

It's been a few weeks since Jarrad Page's camp went public with their problems with the Chiefs. On Aug. 6, his agent/brother sent out a press release calling the Chiefs "vindictive" and then later that day his agent/brother expanded on that in an interview on 610 Sports.The Chiefs have been silent on the matter declining comment when asked about it.

Just because we're not hearing much about Page doesn't mean there's still not some interest out there.

There's no new information here but Chris McCosky of the Detroit News writes that the injury to Lions safety Louis Delmas brings the Page question back into focus.

Page, 25, remains unsigned and has asked the Chiefs to trade him. The Lions, who have had interest in Page, would be willing to talk should the Chiefs decide to grant his wish.

The urgency for the Lions to push for that trade might be increasing, too, every day that starting FS Louis Delmas (groin) misses practice.

We mentioned a couple weeks ago that Delmas' injury might make them ready to move on a trade for Page, if he's even available. The Chiefs haven't given an indication one way or the other whether they'll part with his rights.

But it's apparent that folks haven't forgotten about Page -- even if the Chiefs have.