Arguing with Idiots (aka those that only watch ESPN)

I think we've all been there at one point or another. We're minding out own business and having a perfectly nice football conversation with someone.

Then it happens. They start talking about our Chiefs. They tell you that Dorsey should be traded, and that Tyson Jackson is clearly a bust. They tell you Albert belongs at G and we should've taken a LT. They quote writers that cover other teams, or ESPN talking heads that haven't scouted a single Chiefs game.

Your pulse quickens. Your blood pressure rises. And the idiot keeps yammering on. What do you do?

That's where this post comes in. I'm here to offer a few simple, concise, and very logical arguments that should help you deal with the idiots who think they're NFL experts because they watch ESPN twice a week and read some national blogs.

Here's how this will work. I'm going to borrow the format from a book of the same title (Arguing with Idiots). I'll give you a few of the most likely "Idiot" arguments you'll hear and give you a few quick and easy truths to refute that argument.

Now I know many of you will know at least a part of the facts I'm presenting. The reason I'm doing this is so an instant answer can "pop" right into your head and you don't have to waste valuable brain cells even thinking about a response to an Idiot.

Idiot Argument 1. "The Chiefs were soooooooo stupid to not take a LT in the draft! Branden Albert is a TOTAL bust at LT. Cassel's dead meat, that's for sure."

OK, let's look at this logically. Albert had an excellent rookie season, giving up 5 sacks. He came into last season expected to grow into a very good LT by most. Then a few things happened.

First, his coach told him to drop about 30 pounds. Anyone that's done that can tell you that it changes the way you move and how others can move you. Second, the entire offense was scrapped a few weeks before the season. That changes everything about where a lineman is supposed to be an what he's supposed to do. Third, Albert was stuck blocking for a team that had no run offense whatsoever, with 2.7 running for , well, 2.7 ypc. We ended up with multiple 3rd and long plays where teams could pin their ears back and go for the QB. FInally, Albert got stuck with a QB who (regardless of other strengths) holds onto the ball for way too long. All these add up to make for a pretty tough environment for a LT.

So Albert started off terrible. Really bad. About what could be expected from a guy in his position. Then we got a running game and he got used to his playing weight along with the offense. What followed. Him giving up zero sacks the last 6 games, including 2 against NFL sack leader Elvis Dumervil. So in other words, Elvis had 17 sacks in the 14 games he played other teams. Against Albert; zero.

Albert's not a bad LT. He's a good LT that got put in bad circumstances, and once he adjusted and got some help started playing much better football. It's only logical to think that trend will continue this year.

Idiot Argument 2. "Glenn Dorsey should be traded. He's not fit for the scheme and has played awful these last two years."

This has been covered here more than a little, so I'll keep it brief. Dorsey was right up there with some of the top guys in the league this year in tackles. More importantly if you watch any game tape (this will sure confuse the Idiot, since he's never put in any legwork), you can see him holding his ground against blockers much more effectively this year than last year.

Is it logical to expect a guy that's done nothing but get better to suddenly STOP improving in his 3rd year? In a word, no. Dorsey's been solid if you stop mindlessly listening to national pundits and actually pay attention to the stats and the game tape. And he's got nowhere to go but up.

Idiot Argument 3. "Tyson Jackson is a bust. What a waste of a draft pick."

Just give two numbers here: 5 and 33. 5 is the number of tackles (solo and assist) Jackson had in our first 7 games. 33 is the number he had in our last 9. If the Idiot you're arguing with can't see the improvement there, cover your eyes and quickly walk away, because he's likely crazy and will soon attempt to gouge out your eyes.

So there's a few quick and easy responses to fire off the next time an Idiot starts bugging you about your Chiefs. Remember, stick to the stats that can't be argued, and challenge them to watch some game tape with you.

And remember, no matter how bad you want to, it's ALWAYS illegal to throw someone off a high ledge (for some reason, the courts won't accept "he was talking out of his %#@ about my team!" as a valid excuse).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.