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Chiefs Training Camp: Another Hot Afternoon In St. Joe

The Chiefs took the field for their second practice of their second two-a-day. As usual, it was very hot.

There were no major changes at camp this afternoon.

A couple housekeeping notes before we get going: The Chiefs Wednesday morning practice will be indoors and not available to fans. The Wednesday night practice is still on if the weather holds up. Our trusty (trusty?) weather friends call for rain on Wednesday. I think this Wednesday night one would be a good one to go to. Let us know if you're planning on going to that.

I've got details a few of the things I saw and some of my thoughts from the afternoon in St. Joe.

Jake O'Connell has had a rough camp at times. He hasn't shown great hands and was called out today by Todd Haley for an incorrect block.

Kestahn Moore has continued with his solid camp. He had a nice run between the center and guard (Jon Asamoah) for 6-7 yards. Haley wondered (out loud) after that play if they were ever going to clog that hole.

This is becoming a daily line: Wallace Gilberry is around the ball a lot. I heard a couple of "That's the way to do it, 92" from the coaching staff today.

A nice move by rookie Kendrick Lewis on Jon McGraw during a special teams drill. McGraw was cycling backward getting ready to block Lewis when the rookie put a move on him and zipped right past to get the return man. One of the assistant coaches got on McGraw's case for it.

During 7-on-7 drills, Dwayne Bowe dropped an eeeasy one across the middle no more than ten yards out. I heard some chatter about drops from the fans behind us after that one. The very next play Bowe got his hands on another and dropped it but Matt Cassel threw it behind him.

Brodie Croyle had a pair of excellent throws in 7-on-7 drills. Terrence Copper lined up on the right side and ran 15 yards and cut to the right end zone at an angle toward the pylon and Croyle floated a nice pass right over his shoulder for the catch. On that same set of reps, Croyle also hit Verran Tucker on a fade route from about 15 yards about.

Charlie Weis and Haley definitely interact on the field. Weis is usually off to the side on his scooter since he's having trouble moving so he has to yell everything. You hear a lot of Weis and Haley during camp. Weis doesn't seem like he's afraid to give his thoughts on a play or ask Haley a question but it's not contentious between the two by any means.

The Chiefs defense has been solid covering screens over the past three days but the offense will win one every once in a while. Thomas Jones took a screen that would've scooted him out to the secondary if it weren't for the no-tackling today.

For the second day in a row, Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher were on the first team. Corey Mays and Demorrio Williams were on the second team.

Rodney Harrison said on 810 WHB several weeks ago that he thinks the Chiefs will be willing to blitz Eric Berry like Crennel did with Harrison. It wasn't Berry but Javier Arenas disrupted things a couple of times blitzing.

Haven't heard from him very much: DaJuan Morgan. He stuffed a Kestahn Moore run in the backfield. He seems physically gifted but has been almost non-existent on defense his first two years in the NFL.

Tyler Palko isn't having a great camp. While he did hit Rich Gunnell on a 25 yard completion inside the ten yard line, the ball floated in the air and Gunnell had to stop to catch it.

First team vs. first team in two minute work. The winner: Defense. The offense was able to corral a couple of first downs via Dexter McCluster and Chris Chambers receptions but the defense shut them down on four straight plays: A short McCluster pass, thrown away by Cassel, batted pass by Gilberry and a sprinting Berry knocking down a pass attempt. Of course there were quite a few cheers for Berry on that one and you can see his reaction at the top photo.

A leaping Jerheme Urban caught a high Croyle pass and, as he turned around to run, was drilled by Ricky Price. Urban was down, obviously dazed, for a few seconds. The offense, led by Branden Albert, didn't like that very much and some words were exchanged. Haley calmed them down and they got back to work.

Other notes after practice:

  • Cameron Sheffield carries Mike Vrabel's pads.
  • Rich Gunnell carries Dwayne Bowe's pads.
  • Cody Slate carried Leonard Pope's pads.
  • I'd say less than 2,000 people showed up.
  • There was a rumor that a man in Zubaz and a hard hat was there. I can not confirm that.
  • Most obscure fan jersey: Percy Snow
  • Readers recognizing Joel at camp: Two (and four overall)