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Chiefs Training Camp: DE Tyson Jackson Speaks

tyson jackson chiefs
tyson jackson chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs finished up a two-a-day practice this evening, at 6:30. The heat index was 110 in St. Joseph for the Chiefs training camp. 

Joel happened to catch second year defensive Tyson Jackson talking about his second year in the league. Jackson said, "The game starts to slow down more and more," referencing his short time into his second offseason as a Chief. 

Jackson then said that year one and year two in the NFL are like night and day. 

He also added that he's never had a defensive coordinator that has spent as much time with the defensive line as the Chiefs' new d-coordinator Rome Crennel has.

In case you're wondering why that may be, let's review Romeo Crennel's resume:

Defensive line coach


Crennel went on to be a defensive coordinator twice and a head coach once. Crennel sounds like he's exactly where he needs to be coaching up a Chiefs' defensive line that is truthfully on the brink of being really terrible, or above average.