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Chiefs Training Camp: Checking In On Positional Battles

Last week Chiefs GM Scott Pioli talked about understanding why certain players are on the first team playing more and why others are not. Usually, he says, it comes down to a rookie vs. veteran thing. The rookies need more time understanding the system while the veterans don't.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a look at where we stand with a few of the position battles currently going on in training camp.

Inside linebacker

The first two days of training camp it was just like last year -- Demorrio Williams and Corey Mays on the first team.

By Sunday, it was Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher. Ironically, I thought Williams had his best day on Sunday while playing on the second team. He blew up several plays and seemed to be in the backfield a decent amount.

These guys will switch it up on a near-daily basis I'd imagine.


Rudy Niswanger is the early leader. He's ran with the first team every day so far.

Then again, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli reminded us last week not to pay too much attention to the depth chart. He said there's no reason to give a veteran (like Casey Wiegmann) more time than a younger guy (like Rudy Niswanger) because the vet understands how everything works.

So while Niswanger has been running with the ones, we're not sure if that matters yet.


In the early goings, it appears it's going to be Jon McGraw next to Eric Berry. McGraw has been seeing first team work early on.

Kendrick Lewis has been on the second team paired with a variety of players from DaJuan Morgan to Reshard Langford.

So from my vantage point, Berry is solidified at one safety spot. He's been there from just about his first practice back in May. The battle comes down to McGraw and Lewis and it's going to be a good one but McGraw, as expected as the vet, has the early advantage.