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Chiefs Vs. Bucs Preseason: Plenty Of Similarities Between The Two

I've been intrigued by the Tampa Bay Bucs in the last year because, in several ways, they're very similar to the Chiefs.

After checking out Bucs Nation for a little bit, here are a few similarities I've found.

The big guys up front

The Bucs have two big defensive tackles on that line, including the third overall pick Gerald McCoy and second round pick Brian Price. Much of their success is being tied to the play of those two.

The Chiefs have a pair of defensive ends, both of which are top five picks. Like McCoy and Price, Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson's success will be critical to the Chiefs success.

The good old days

Both teams are trying to hold onto the memories of being a good team.

For the Bucs, that's the 2002 Super Bowl. Some of you are probably like me and still think, at times, of that defense and Warren Sapp when talking about the Bucs.

For the Chiefs, it's the 2003 season, the Vermeil era and much of the 90s. We still refer back to those times as the "good old days".

Developing the quarterback

The Bucs have a young quarterback that they need to develop in Josh Freeman. The Chiefs have something similar in Matt Cassel.

Both had so-so years in 2009 but some of that was to be expected. The Bucs probably have the lead in this category because Freeman is several years younger (and cheaper) than Cassel.

Unproven coaches

Both have unproven, second-year coaches in Raheem Morris and Todd Haley.

Morris had a rough year last year and some thought he wouldn't make it to his second year but he did. Haley also had a rough year with four wins in 2009.

The fanbase

Both teams are at a critical point with their fanbases.

The Bucs game against the Chiefs will be blacked out in Tampa for the first time since they moved into the Raymond James Stadium in 1998. Similarly the Chiefs will be facing blackout questions in the coming weeks and months.


Any other similarities between the two? Disagree with me on any of these?