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Chiefs Training Camp: Full Night Practice Report

I gave you a quick update on the Kansas City Chiefs training camp practice on Wednesday night.

My full report is below. Here's my report at SB Nation Kansas City that's a little condensed into play of the day, the first rookie hazing and stuff like that.

Jamaal Charles had a nice catch down the left sideline. He was being pursued in coverage by Derrick Johnson and caught the ball over the shoulder.

Casey Wiegmann ran with the first team.

On one play, Javier Arenas blitzed from the nickel which made Matt Cassel get rid of the ball quickly. Cassel found Dexter McCluster on a quick slant. Nothing incredibly special about the play but good timing by both sides on this one.

In the first team nickel defense, Mike Vrabel and Derrick Johnson were at inside linebacker while Tamba Hali and Cameron Sheffield were on the outside. Studebaker had been in Sheffield's place previously.

Catch of the day: Tony Moeaki streaking down the middle of the field and, with at least three defenders within a few feet of him, outstretched his hands and made the catch from Cassel. He might have been able to take it to the house. No more ankle problem for him, apparently.

[Editor's note: Didn't someone say Moeaki's return would make a difference?]

Seeing Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Flowers go at it is always fun. Bowe's been working on breaking to the sideline quickly and making the catch while keeping his feet in bounds. That play is nearly impossible to defend if run perfectly.

Tyler Palko hit Jerheme Urban on a skinny post that somehow slipped past the defender. It would have been a 50+ yard touchdown.

Ryan Succop was good from 37, 41 and 51 yards. On the 51 yarder, Todd Haley was standing right in front of him waiving something to distract him.

Dexter McCluster and Javier Areans were taking returns during special teams stuff.

Dustin Colquitt is still the man. My unofficial hang time was in the neighborhood of five seconds though I heard anywhere from 4.8 to 5.2. He was kicking off from his own one and then from the 50 trying to land it inside the ten. He'll be a weapon once again.

Brandon Carr had a nice comeback week. He broke up a few passes tonight including stretching his hands out to knock one down near the sidelines that was intended for Chris Chambers (from Cassel).

Bowe was running a crossing pattern and Cassel tried to hit him but led him a little too far (and low) and Bowe couldn't make the catch. He got his hands on it and could have caught it but it wasn't the best pass in the world.

Jamaal Charles had a nice run where he broke outside and it put him one-on-one with the safety along the sidelines. Would have been an 8-10 yard gain or a 70 if he could break away from the safety.

The Chiefs were trying to get in position to spike the ball after a play (situational drills) and Jackie Battle jumped offsides causing a few disappointed faces.

Cameron Sheffield is showing up lately. I gotta admit I didn't expect much from the guy but at several points on Wednesday night he would have had a shot at a sack, including a wide open look at Tyler Palko. I mean, he would've knocked him outta the game he was so open.

Brandon Carr picked off a Cassel-to-Chambers pass during situational team period.

Mike Vrabel nearly picked off a Palko pass. Palko was going deeper and Vrabel, in the middle of the field, tipped the ball up in the air and almost had a shot at picking it.

Travis Daniels picked off a Palko pass as well. On the next play, a Palko pass was batted in the air by the defensive backs and dropped. It should have been an interception.

Bill Stull fumbled a snap at one point but overall I thought he looked good considering how long he's been here.

On one play, the pocket broke down in front of Stull so he launched a deep ball to Rich Gunnell, who had to stop and wait for the ball to come. He jumped and made the catch around two other defenders.

Ricky Price had a great interception down the field. Stull went deep to Verran Tucker but it was too deep and Price barely got his feet in-bounds to make the grab.

Vrabel had a sack on Cassel.