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Chiefs Training Camp: Haley Says DBs, RBs Can Be Strengths Of The Team

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley usually doesn't single any players out so we have to settle for position groups when he's talking about the two areas on the team that he feels have stood out to him.

He named a few areas he's pleased with: the defensive backs, running backs and first year guys.

"I feel like the secondary has a chance to become a position of strength," he said. "If they can keep doing the things that they're doing and we continue to have the individual guys improve and get better, and of course, stay healthy and all those things that they have a chance to become a position of strength on this team."

The other group that Haley (and most others) would point to is running back. He also says they have a chance to become a position of strength with 2009 team MVP Jamaal Charles and newcomer and Haley-favorite Thomas Jones.

"All groups have to be better," he says. "Running backs, defensive backs, everyone has to get better. But a group that might really have a chance to stand out, those would be the two."

He also pointed out the first-year guys, which is something we're getting used to. Haley has consistently been happy with the development of the rookies and other first-year players.

"I really believe this first year group in general has been a real bright spot," he said Wednesday. "That's what we have to do and I don't know that I'll talk specifically about guys right now but this has been a real good group. Our scouts and coaches did a real good job of finding a bunch of guys -- and you could only draft a handful of them -- that have come in and competed and I feel like there are some guys that have a chance."

So, keep an eye on these guys moving forward. At least during training camp, they're doing things the way Haley wants it done. It'll be interesting to see how that translates to the regular season.