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Chiefs Are Leaving St. Joe Soon But Not Training Camp

The Kansas City Chiefs will conduct their final training camp practice in St. Joseph, Missouri Thursday afternoon but that doesn't mean they're done with training camp.

The Chiefs will return to Kansas City and continue training camp at Arrowhead into next week.

"Even though we are leaving St. Joe -- they have students coming in here pretty quick -- and we're moving back to Kansas City, as players and coaches, we are still in training camp mode," Haley said at his press conference Wednesday. "This is still full blown training camp as far as I'm concerned."

In fact, Haley says, they'd stay up at MWSU even longer if they could. The start of the school year (worst time of year) will prevent them from doing so.

But as they move on from St. Joe, Haley wants the Chiefs to stay in that same mode.

"That's what we're trying to make sure everyone is clear on, internally, too. This isn't the time to relax and say, 'Yay, we're home,' and throw our books out the window of the bus. We're staying in training camp mode and we're in the process of becoming a good team."

We're getting closer. Training camp (the KC version) will wrap up next week and the Chiefs will continue to game plan for the San Diego Chargers for a game on Sept. 13. Have you heard that's a Monday Night Football game?