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After Looking At Four Former Chiefs QBs, Bears Settle On Matt Gutierrez

In the 1990s, the Kansas City Chiefs would regularly look at former San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks. First was Joe Montana, then came Steve Bono and later Elvis Grbac.

In 2010, the Chicago Bears are taking a similar approach at looking at another team's quarterbacks.

First it was calling Trent Green, former Chiefs quarterback. Then it was Todd Collins, former Chiefs quarterback. After that came a call to Damon Huard, former Chiefs quarterback.

The Bears have finally settled on Matt Gutierrez according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and, yes, he is a former Chiefs quarterback.

The Chiefs this week signed quarterback Bill Stull because Brodie Croyle had some sort of arm injury and they needed an extra arm during practice. Todd Haley said they signed Stull, who participated in the Chiefs rookie minicamp in May, because he was familiar with the offense.

That statement made some people wonder why Gutierrez wasn't the pick since he was with the team for much of the 2009 season.

This might be the reason.