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Chiefs Training Camp: New Right Tackle, Sort Of


The Kansas City Chiefs have been mixing and matching guys along the offensive line recently. First it was Rudy Niswanger moving to right guard when Ryan Lilja was out on Monday. That caused Casey Wiegmann to take first team duties at center.

Now Josh Looney of reports the Chiefs moved defensive end Bobby Greenwood to right tackle. At first glance, he's a bit undersized at 6'5" and 278 pounds but maybe he could pack on a few pounds to man the position.

For now, Greenwood is an offensive lineman. He said that the coaches haven’t indicated future plans for him to move back over to defense, or even possibly play on both sides of the football.

"They’ve told me offensive line right now and that’s it," Greenwood said. "If they tell me to play quarterback, then I’ll throw the deep ball."

Maybe this is because some guys are banged up or maybe they see something in Greenwood. He played some offensive line on the scout team last year and Looney says he appeared to hold his own.

Whatever works, I suppose. If he can play both positions, that gives him a better chance at making the roster. The Chiefs are deep at defensive end but I do find it curious that, with the departure of Jeffrey Fitzgerald, that's two defensive ends they've "lost" in the last 24 hours.