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Chiefs, Bucs Game Will Be Blacked Out In Tampa Bay

We said this morning that this could be coming, and it has:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have confirmed that Saturday night's preseason matchup against the Chiefs will be unavailable on local television, marking the first Bucs blackout since Raymond James Stadium opened in 1998.

It doesn't affect the Kansas City Chiefs (or you the viewer in Kansas City) but I do find it interesting that this is their first blackout in 12 years. The Chiefs were in a similar situation last year when they were blacked out for the first time in something like 18 years.

Man, you kinda feel bad for Tampa Bay, don't you?

Chiefs fans have been through this and it's not a good feeling. It flat-out sucks. At least the Chiefs blackout came at the end of the season -- not the first preseason game as a sign of things to come.

We'll see how the Chiefs play in Tampa Bay and whether it's a good thing or a bad thing more folks won't be watching them.