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Maybe This Is Why Chiefs Chose Bill Stull And Not Matt Gutierrez

After the Kansas City Chiefs signed QB Bill Stull on Tuesday, head coach Todd Haley said with Brodie Croyle's injury they needed someone in there who understood the offense so they wouldn't miss a beat in camp. Stull was with the club in rookie minicamp so it seemed to make sense.

But some wondered why the Chiefs didn't pick Matt Gutierrez, who spent much of 2009 with the team.

Here's a possible reason: He's visiting the Chicago Bears, according to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune.

Matt Gutierrez is on his way to training camp to at least visit the team, multiple league sources have told the Tribune. It's not known yet if he has been offered a contract, pending a physical evaluation.

Surely Chicago is a better spot for Gutierrez than Kansas City. Croyle has entrenched himself as the second quarterback on the team while Chicago, well....this week alone they've gone after Trent Green, Todd Collins and Gutierrez -- all three former Chiefs quarterbacks -- so their backup position is clearly up for grabs.

Anyone have any guesses on how long it'll be until Damon Huard gets a call? Casey Printers, perhaps?

[Editor's Note: Actually, I missed this: They did call Damon Huard.]