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Chiefs Training Camp: Why The Fourth Quarterback?

The Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday added a fourth quarterback in Bill Stull. He was previously part of the Chiefs rookie mini-camp so he understood the basics of what the Chiefs were trying to do.

The reason for his signing was an injury to Brodie Croyle. We're not sure what's up with him but he had a brace on his arm before practice on Monday.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley confirmed that the move with Stull was made because the team can't go through practice with just two quarterbacks.

"Whether this is one month, one week or one day, we had to get an arm in here," Haley said when talking about the Croyle's injury and bringing in another arm.

"Part of that is finding somebody that knows how we do things and a little bit about the terminology and he was a guy that through the rookie camp we were pretty encouraged about and actually recommended...we went out of our way to help the guy. He was a logical choice for us at this time."

But then that brings up the question: Why not Matt Gutierrez?

He spent much of the 2009 season with the Chiefs and seemingly would know the playbook better than Stull.

A UFL team reportedly acquired his rights so it's unclear what his future plans were. Haley said last week that getting rid of Gutierrez was not an easy decision.