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Governor Jay Nixon Knows Which Missouri Team To Root For


The last time Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Univ. of Missouri graduate, talked about local sports?

Yeah, it didn't turn out well.

But the Governor was talking football with Josh Looney of this week when he visited the facilities in St. Joseph, MO.

"My goal remains the same," Nixon told Looney, "to hand out the Governor's Cup at the Super Bowl between these two teams (Chiefs and Rams) at some point in the next few years. I'd like to be right in front of the Commissioner as one of my teams got the Lombardi Trophy."

Notice how he says "my teams"? One of his teams, he says, might be better than the other.

"I think with the addition of #22 (Dexter McCluster) here and the kid from Tennessee (Eric Berry), you gotta think the Chiefs are turning the corner and becoming a very, very strong team this year," he said.

"I think it may be a little different in St. Louis this year."

Sunday, Dec. 19th we'll find out when the Chiefs visit the Rams in that poor excuse for a stadium called the Edward Jones Dome.