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Chiefs DE Glenn Dorsey Says Patience Is The Key In 3-4 Defense

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Kansas City Chiefs DE Glenn Dorsey has been an intriguing character since he arrived as the fifth overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft.

From a national level, people say he's struggling and is best fit in a 4-3. That may be partly true but from a local level people recognize the strides he made in 2009 becoming a 3-4 defensive end.

"I actually like [the 3-4]," Dorsey told Vic Carucci of this week. "Coach Romeo brings a lot of fun to it, and I really understand what he's trying to get me to do."

The game I like to point to when talking about Dorsey is the Cleveland Browns game last year. Unknown RB Jerome Harrison racked up 286 yards rushing in that game. It certainly wasn't a good day for the Chiefs defense.

It's also a game in which Dorsey didn't play. After the game, Todd Haley acknowledged that the Chiefs probably missed Dorsey's presence in the game.

As he continues to improve, Dorsey says patience is the key to succeeding in the 3-4.

"For me, (the biggest difference) is more patience," he said. "In a 4-3, you're attacking it; you've got one gap, hitting a man and getting off. But in a 3-4, you have to be patient and wait and wait and wait, because the running back is going to cut off of you. You pick a side, and the running back's going to run to the side you left open."

The national folks may still point to Dorsey and see a bad fit. But, I think around Kansas City, we're still (somewhat) patient as Dorsey heads into his third year.